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Nearwater Events
St Mawes
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How do I know if I am in the race?
When you enter through our online system, you will receive an acknowledgement email confirming your entry. You will receive email updates and a link to the race information as race day approaches. We put an entry list up on this website too, so you can keep checking here from time to time. Please make sure the details we have for you are correct.

Can someone else register for me?
For our one day events, you have to register yourself in person, and you must show some form of photo identification when you register.

Can I wear a number belt?
Yes, but your number must be clearly visible at all times otherwise you may be subjected to a two-minute penalty as per British Triathlon Rules. You mustn't fold or cut down your race number in any way. Do write any medical information on the back of your number.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?
We are often asked if wetsuits have to be worn at our races. But the wearing of wetsuits in triathlon is governed by British Triathlon rules and is totally dependent on water temperature one hour before the start of the race.

The rule is:

Water Temperature Wetsuit Rule
Water temperature less than 14°C wetsuits are COMPULSORY
Water temperature between 14°C and 22°C wetsuits are OPTIONAL (i.e. you can choose whether to wear one or not)
Water temperature above 22°C wetsuits are BANNED

We do say that wetsuits in fact help with buoyancy and warmth, so we strongly recommend that you wear one if they are optional. We will keep you updated with water temperature as we get closer to the event.

Can I wear my race numbers underneath my wetsuit?
Yes. The race numbers we supply really are waterproof and tearproof. Take care when you put your wetsuit on over the numbers ~ ask a friend to help you. When you take your wetsuit off, your numbers should remain intact, provided you have pinned them securely in all four corners.

Do I have to be a member of Triathlon England, triathlonscotland or the Welsh Triathlon Association?
No. If you are not a member of the sport’s governing body, you must bring some form of photo ID with you and you will be required to pay a day membership fee at registration. You are recommended to familiarise yourself with British Triathlon’s rules and regulations that will be applied to this race, otherwise you may be penalised for breaking any rule. Ignorance is no defence! See British Triathlon’s Website for more information on rules, membership and much, much more. For further information phone British Triathlon on 01509 226161.

You've got my age group wrong.
Your age group is determined by your age at December 31, and not your age on race day (in accordance with British Triathlon Rules).

When will I receive my race numbers?
You will only receive your race numbers when you come to registration. We do NOT post out race numbers.

I have entered the race, but now I can't do it. I have injured myself; become pregnant; got to go away on business; etc. Can I have a refund?
Possibly, see our withdrawls policy.